You Call This A Heat Wave

Hey Lovelies,

As we delve further into August it seems the weather is speeding into October!!!! Urrr where is the sun? What are these little day long teasers? It’s just not enough!!! Give me a month of solid sunshine at least and the occasional overnight shower please Universe!
Anyhoo – WHATEVER!! lets keep the sunshine in our hearts. I’m holding onto Moroccan memories with all I can muster!

Raw Delivery Menu

So the menu this week is:

Pizza: Peperphonie and marinated vegetable pizza with dill Slaw and olives on the side.
Pudding: Inspired by my dear friend Ann-Marie I’m going to do a yummy strawberry parfait to keep it summery!!!!

Cost: £25 for two people (Delivery is extra, please ask when you get in touch).
To order call: 07846 026 116 or email:

Orders in by Wednesday 7pm please. Just a reminder that this meal is vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free and contains nuts. It is totally raw – no need to reheat.
The meal deal feeds 2 and is £25. Delivery is a little extra depending on where you live.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Caroline xx

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