What A Treat, Pizza Friday‏

Hey Lovelies,

As the Glastonbury countdown begins Im slowly sorting out my house, life and business in preparation for a week away. I’ve already looked at the advanced weather and it looks like I will be packing my wellies and full waterproof outfit!!!!

So this week will be the last Pizza Friday until the 3rd of July.

Raw Delivery Menu

As requested by Shazzie Love
Pizza: Not Oh-Fish-Ally Tuna, capers and black olives or Caramalised onion, Rocket and Aubercon, (So you can either choose one or the other or choose extra toppings. How very exciting!!!!)
Sides: Dill slaw and olives
Pudding: Chocolate Orange Pecan Torte.

Cost: £20 for two people (Delivery is extra, please ask when you get in touch).
To order call: 07846 026 116 or email: info@ospalla.co.uk

Orders in no later than 7pm on Wednesday please. And please specify which toppings you’d like. I look forward to hearing from you.

Much love.

Caroline xx

Raw Chocolate Orange Pecan Torte

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