This Week’s Raw Take Away, Sham & Pineapple Pizza

Monday Monday…. so good toooo me…

The late, great Mama Cass, that’s the only sunshine or ‘good to me’ I had today – listening and singing along to that song in the car! Doesn’t feel so good to me, though, what a horrid grey day.

At least I have the joy of menu planning with such wonderful colourful vibrant foods. And the best bit?? I get to eat it once all the hard work is done. So after much word-play and fun while out shopping with my son today, he came up with Sham & Pinapple.

It’s the good old Hawaiian pizza this week with olives, rawslaw and, by special request, the pudding is- Rawreo’s.

There will be Mylk to order at an extra £3.00 if you want something to dunk your Rawreo into!

Its the usual £20 meal deal, it feeds two. Please make sure you get your order in by Wednesday at 7. I look forward to feeding you!

Sham and Pineapple Raw Pizza

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