Caroline is my secret raw food superstar. Each week she brings me her latest creations to try and I have to hold myself back from eating it all there and then. I love being experimented on with her amazingly tasty and healthy treats. I’ve been encouraging her to get her food and her name out there for some time, and now she’s done it. Now it’s your turn to treat yourself to some of her divine creations. And trust me, you’ll love it all!

Shazzie, TV presenter and author

I met Caroline on Facebook, after she offered to do me some raw treats and bring them to my show I was doing in Shoreham last year.
Being a greedy, lazy cow who loves being spoiled, I naturally said yes.
What followed was the best pre-show meal I’ve ever had.
Usually, backstage fare contains some custard creams, and Tesco’s own brand water.
I was treated to a veritable raw feast which included the best onion rings I’ve ever had..I haven’t looked at a fried one since. I admit, I pestered her for the recipe for those, and I’ve been passing Caroline’s unccooking skills off as my own ever since!

Gina Yashere

Caroline is as passionate and enthusiastic about raw food and nutrition as they come and this translates beautifully into her food which emanates with love and attention to detail. She is a true culinary artist and one who I highly recommend for her products and catering services.

Amy Levin of Ooosha

‘I have Caroline Ospalla’s number on speed dial… she is my nutritional Guru.
Not only does she create cuisine that tastes amazingly out of this world, but she can tell you instantly why and how it should be consumed.
Her refreshing no-nonsense straight up approach to gourmet raw food is spot on, and only hints at the kindness and love that go into her recipes and support of others on the path to optimal health. I cannot big up her wisdom and talent highly enough. She rocks.’

Naomi Clark, Bikram & Flow yoga teacher – www.naomiclarckyoga.com

I had a dinner party and asked Caroline if she could help and she provided food that was of exceptionally high standards and above and beyond what I had expected. I provided her with a fairly strict set of ingredients to meet the requirements of my clients and a budget and she really did a wonderful job.
She truly loves her craft and delivers the best possible result pushing her standards up all the time. If you are thinking about hiring this lady – don’t hesitate just act – this style of food creation is new and very exciting.

Ben Nash, ComeAlive health coaching

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