Take Away Raw Pizza Meal With Pudding

So I’ve just finished a 4 day guided juice fast and I’m feeling AMAZING! I have done lots of fasting before, but never with guidance and the support of a group. I feel as though I’ve had a break through with regards to my destructive relationship with food. Long may it last!
Anyhoo… after my few days off food, I’m craving pizza so this week on the menu is pizza topped with red pepper, caramelized onion, aubergine fakeon, creamy garlic sauce and marinated rocket. The usual sides of olives and rawslaw are included. For pudding a pear cheese cake (inspired by one of my fasting buddies).

So orders in by 1pm Thursday please. I will be posing out my Xmas menu in the next few days so please keep your eyes peeled for that. Im really excited to share it with you and there will be lots of lovely extras to order too.

To order call 07846 026 116 or email info@ospalla.co.uk

See you soon, lots of love,

Caroline xx

Raw Italian Pizza Meal

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