Raw Pizza Take-Away Service Launching Tonight in Sussex

Raw Pizza Take-Away Meal for Two

You’ll get a 9″ pizza with “roast” veg topping, two nut cheeses, a side of Rawslaw and a sexy Valentine’s pudding.

Price – £20

Raw food is full of vitality so eating it gives you the same energy – vital and vibrant!

I’m very exited about launching my raw food pizza take-away service tonight.

Everyone loves the pleasure of a Friday night take-away treat, feet up in front of the telly with a yummy pizza from your local fast food place. Unfortunately, we end up paying the price of feeling bloated and lethargic for twelve hours after. Comfort food is comforting but it’s a shame it’s not more healthy. With a raw pizza, you can have your cake (or pizza) and eat it. Raw food is high in healthy nutrients, high in enzymes, wheat free, gluten free, vegan, sugar free and doesn’t contain any saturated fats. Instead of needing a rest after your food, a raw meal will make you feeling energised an alive!

Call me on 07846 026 116 or email info@ospalla.co.uk

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