Raw Pizza Delivery, Choose Your Own Topping

Hey Lovelies,
So as another week goes rushing by, I’ve barely had the chance to blink! Suddenly it’s Tuesday and I haven’t even got the menu out. Ive been so so busy, which is great, Ospalla In The Raw is really getting out there.

Raw pizza is getting a name, a good one, it seems and it looks like I may have to take someone on soon to help me with orders! Exciting times.
Anyhoo, as a consequence of me being busy you can choose your pizza topping this week.

Raw Delivery Menu

Pizza: Choose a Get Stuffed a sage and onion mushroom base stuffing style with cranberry sauce (think roast dinner) or Not-O-Fish-Cially Tuna, or Red Pepper and Aubercon
Sides: this week its a Kale and sprout salad and olives
Pudding: A simply divine Raspberry mousse with chocolate coconut bits.

Cost: £20 for two people.
To order call: 07846 026 116 or email: info@ospalla.co.uk

Please get your orders in by Wed at 7pm with your pizza flavour choice.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Caroline xxx

PS- Soz no pic this week my computer is being a little slow and I wanted/needed to get the menu out to you.

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