On The Road Again

Hey Lovelies,
I’m just back from my first festival of the season. As you may or may not know I’ve been catering at festivals for around 10 years and work as a manager for the Fresh Organic team. We cater mostly vegan fast food, bar the eggs we serve with breakfast. I have had a wonderful weekend reconnecting with my summer family and enjoying beautiful weather in the Somerset country side. There’s something about catering in the open. I feel refreshed and really happy.

Next weekend I’m working a retreat for Cashew Catering so this week’s pizza will be pick up/delivery on Thursday or pick up only before 11 on Friday.

Raw Delivery Menu

On the menu this week by special request of BA at Bikram In The Lanes is:

Pizza: Aubercon (aubergine bacon) and unroast peppers with Kale pesto, tomato relish (on the side).
Sides: Rawslaw and Olives.
Pudding Mango mousse with walnut brittle.

Cost: £20 for two people (Delivery is extra, please ask when you get in touch).
To order call: 07846 026 116 or email: info@ospalla.co.uk

Please get your orders in by 7pm, Wednesday and let me know when you want to pick up/delivery.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Caroline xxx
Unroast Vegetables

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