New Year- Fresh Pizza

Happy New Year!!!

I’m feeling particularly inspired and excited about 2015!!

I hope you all enjoyed the festive season and are managing to get back to life in the real world. It’s actually a terrible time to set intentions and Detox – coz I know I for one just want to eat stodge and snuggle up in bed. It’s best to just plan your detox during the winter and then get down to doing it in the spring. Anyway, at least you can have a guilt free Pizza every Friday!

This week’s pizza is pepperoni and unroast vegetables. Sides are olives and rawslaw and for pudding you can choose either fermented lemon cheese cake or chocolate Almond mousse.

Orders are due in by Wednesday at 7pm but due to the late hour I’m sending this out I will be flexible with online orders till Thursday at 1pm. Delivery or pick up as usual.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Caroline xx

Delicious Raw Pudding

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