Limited Pizza Thursday!‏

So here I am 18 days into my 40 day challenge and I feel great. There have been ups and downs but mostly I’m feeling wonderful. Waking up at 6am to go to Bikram in the Lanes Yoga is much easier when its not pitch black too!

My food has been so clean and I’m loving the way it’s making my body and mind feel. So this week’s pizza is all about me and a reflection of that and what I’m craving:

Raw Delivery Menu

Pizza: Fresh raw vegetables in a light marinade with a kale Pesto and light tomato sauce.
Sides: Green salad and an anti-pasti.
Pudding: Chocolate orange torte with caramelized pecans.

Cost: £20 for two people.
To order call: 07846 026 116 or email:

With much activity happening in the Ospalla In The Raw kitchen at the moment, deliveries this week are all going to be on Thursday evening or pick up between 1-3 on Friday. Please order by Wednesday at 7pm.

I’m sorry its all a little rushed this week, I should have got the menu out last night- shoulda woulda coulda….

I look forward to hearing from you, much love,

Caroline xxx

Raw Chocolate Pudding

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