Pizza Friday Menu‏

Hey Lovelies,
This weeks menu for Friday raw takeaway is:

Pizza: Rocket pesto, mango and tomato salsa and coconut bacon pizza.
On the side is dill Slaw and olives
Pudding: Rich cherry chocolate mousse.

I’m properly craving mango at the moment so the salsa is a firm favourite in my house this week!

Cost: £25 for two people – Delivery is extra, just to cover the petrol cost, please ask when you get in touch. Pick up is free.
To order call: 07846 026 116 or email: info@ospalla.co.uk

Orders in by 7pm Wednesday evening please. Please let me know if delivery or pick up when you order. Also let me know of any dislikes, allergies. All food is raw, gluten free and free of refined sugars.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Lotsa love,

Caroline xx

fresh vegetables

You Call This A Heat Wave

Hey Lovelies,

As we delve further into August it seems the weather is speeding into October!!!! Urrr where is the sun? What are these little day long teasers? It’s just not enough!!! Give me a month of solid sunshine at least and the occasional overnight shower please Universe!
Anyhoo – WHATEVER!! lets keep the sunshine in our hearts. I’m holding onto Moroccan memories with all I can muster!

Raw Delivery Menu

So the menu this week is:

Pizza: Peperphonie and marinated vegetable pizza with dill Slaw and olives on the side.
Pudding: Inspired by my dear friend Ann-Marie I’m going to do a yummy strawberry parfait to keep it summery!!!!

Cost: £25 for two people (Delivery is extra, please ask when you get in touch).
To order call: 07846 026 116 or email: info@ospalla.co.uk

Orders in by Wednesday 7pm please. Just a reminder that this meal is vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free and contains nuts. It is totally raw – no need to reheat.
The meal deal feeds 2 and is £25. Delivery is a little extra depending on where you live.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Caroline xx

Spring Awakening

Wowzer, isnt it feeling like Summer? Well Spring at least… Rumor has it that we are going to have a 3 month heatwave or as they call it, SUMMER. Cant wait!!

This week’s menu is a fun one. We’re back on the puns, this time credit goes to My lovely mum and stepdad. The pizza is:

Raw Delivery Menu

Pizza: Notzorella, spinach pesto and a chunky tomato salsa
Sides: Dill cabbage and olives
Pudding Lemon mousse with a coconut macadamia brittle!

Can I be more excited?! I Love my lemon mousse even if I say so myself.

Cost: £20 for two people (Delivery is extra, please ask when you get in touch).
To order call: 07846 026 116 or email: info@ospalla.co.uk

Orders in by Wed 7 pm. I will allow a couple of late comers by Thursday 1pm. Look forward to hearing from you,

Love Caroline xx

Raw Cheese Board

It’s Raw Pizza Friday

Hey Lovelies,
After a refreshing break, even though I was ill, I’m happy to be back. It feels like ages since I did pizza Friday. I’m well excited about the eclipse/supermoon/equinox this Friday and wow am I feeling it! It feels like there’s an immense pressure in the atmosphere, the build up is intense. I’m so looking forward to eating pizza this week. So on to this week’s menu:

Raw Delivery Menu

Pizza: Peperphoni, with unroast mushrooms and greens pizza
Sides: Rawslaw and olives on the side.
Pudding:Carrot cake.

Cost: £20 for two people (Delivery is extra, please ask when you get in touch).
To order call: 07846 026 116 or email: info@ospalla.co.uk

Please get your orders in by 1pm Thursday. I look forward to hearing from you,

Caroline xx

Peperphony Pizza - Raw Food Delivery

Raw Pizza Delivery Menu – Better Late Than Never

Hey uuup Lovelies,
You know when you have “one of those days”? Well its been “one of those days” since Sunday, so apologies for the late notice.

Raw Delivery Menu

This week’s Pizza is: Nut mince, braised kale, Pine Nuts and a yellow pepper barbecue sauce.
Sides: Rawslaw and olives.
Pudding: Brownies (Yum! I cant wait for that one).

Cost: £20 for two people.
To order call: 07846 026 116 or email: info@ospalla.co.uk

Sorry for the delay in getting this week’s menu out and apologies for no witty pizza names this week. Look out for the Valentine’s menu and my pizza take away one year anniversary coming out in the next few days.

Love, Caroline xx
Raw Chocolates Raw Delivery Service Brighton

Raw Pizza Delivery, Not-O-Fish-cially Tuna

Hey Lovelies,
So my son is 14 years old and as he delves further into his teenage abyss it’s challenging to find common ground or stuff that I can engage with him. The biggest challenge of having a teenage son is not relating I’ve never been a teenage boy so how on earth can I know what he’s thinking?

Anyhoo, it’s all good coz my pizzas have become a wonderful bonding subject! He’s a wonderfully articulate, intelligent boy who’s very good with words, better than I ever was. So it’s now officially his job to come up with names for the pizzas. This week is a cracker.

Raw Delivery Menu

Pizza: Not-o-FISH-cially Tuna, capers and olives with a rich tomato sauce.

Sides: Dill-slaw, marinated olives or green salad with garlic dressing (Please let me know when you order)

Pudding: Chocolate orange mousse with salted zested pecans.

Cost: £20 for two people.

Orders in by 7pm Wednesday please. And please tell your friends- I’m gonna need enough orders to pay my son a salary. Cant wait to see what he comes up with next week.

See you Friday,

Caroline xx
Raw Food Take Away Pizza

Raw Pizza Take-Away Service Launching Tonight in Sussex

Raw Pizza Take-Away Meal for Two

You’ll get a 9″ pizza with “roast” veg topping, two nut cheeses, a side of Rawslaw and a sexy Valentine’s pudding.

Price – £20

Raw food is full of vitality so eating it gives you the same energy – vital and vibrant!

I’m very exited about launching my raw food pizza take-away service tonight.

Everyone loves the pleasure of a Friday night take-away treat, feet up in front of the telly with a yummy pizza from your local fast food place. Unfortunately, we end up paying the price of feeling bloated and lethargic for twelve hours after. Comfort food is comforting but it’s a shame it’s not more healthy. With a raw pizza, you can have your cake (or pizza) and eat it. Raw food is high in healthy nutrients, high in enzymes, wheat free, gluten free, vegan, sugar free and doesn’t contain any saturated fats. Instead of needing a rest after your food, a raw meal will make you feeling energised an alive!

Call me on 07846 026 116 or email info@ospalla.co.uk