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Tick Tock, Time Is Running Out For Christmas Raw Food Orders‏

As the deadline for ordering your raw Xmas meal gets closer, have you thought about what you want? Are you fed up with soaking, dehydrating and preparing your raw food? This year I will do it all for you!! For the Xmas menu or any extras you might fancy – please get your orders in. You can also order pizza for this Friday if you are in Sussex.

Here’s a reminder of the Xmas menu –

Raw Christmas Take Away Menu

The meal will cost £35 and feeds two

Nut roast with a caramelized onion gravy served with celeriac mash, braised kale and sprout salad with “roast” almonds and a cranberry and orange sauce.

For pudding a pecan orange cake with a caramel glaze and a brandy cream (available without brandy).

Extras are available to order too

Mince pies – £1.50 each

Raw cheeze selection – £25

Selection of raw chocolate truffles – £10

Crackers and breads – £10
raw cheeze board

Shazzie’s Raw Food Experience

I’m going to be the resident chef on Shazzie’s Raw Food Experience which is taking place on Saturday the 9th of November in beautiful East Sussex.

Course attendees will be treated to an amazing fun day training in the raw culinary arts, making delicious, healthy raw food, from mains to snacks and desserts. I’ll be providing the food and refreshments for the participants to enjoy between the workshops.

For more details, check out Shazzie’s web site here: shazzie.com/life/events/raw_experience.shtml

Shazzie's Raw Food Experience

My First Raw Recipe: Karen Knowler’s Marinated Mushrooms

Today, when I load up my 4 dehydrators, blend in my Vitamix, use my spiralizer and include superfoods in my recipes, I don’t think twice. When I first got into Raw food I was very daunted by all the recipes and equipment I seemed to need to get started. I often used Karen Knowler’s Youtube videos as a guide as she often simplifies and doesn’t use “fancy” equipment.

The following is the first ever raw food dish I made -so this goes out to you @karen! Thanks for the inspiration. Caroline xx